Andrew Keegan’s Girlfriend Spent 77 Hours in Labor!

Andrew Keegan and his girlfriend Arista llona welcomed a baby girl a couple of months ago and they couldn’t be happier. The Colombian heartthrob explains that his daughter Aiya Rose is incredible, but the most incredible part of this was that the baby girl made her mama suffer during 77 hours of labor!

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“Seventy-seven hours over three days,” explains Keegan to People. “We started at home and then we went to the hospital. There’s nothing sane about 77 hours like that. It’s just staying supportive throughout and there was a lot of circling around. It’s a very animalistic thing that happens so you just have to drop into your more natural state and just be supportive and let her go through what she needs to go through.”

andrew keegan and girlfriendCan You Speed Up Labor?

Unfortunately nobody can predict how long your labor will last, but there are some things that you can do to possibly speed up the process.