6 Life Lessons I Learned From My Mother

They say your first teacher is your mother and it’s true because she teaches you your first words, how to eat, and essentially how to survive. Many times you get annoyed by your mother’s nagging and it isn’t until years later, many times when she’s not here anymore that you remember some of the things and life lessons she taught you. Personally, I continue to learn from my mother and any opportunity I get to sit down with her and have a meaningful conversation, I take it because I cherish those special moments.

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mother and daughter


One of the first things my mom does when she wakes up is wash her face and moisturize. She likes the thick moisturizers, the one with the 3 little faces, which I hate. She’s been using that forever and her skin is so soft. I started moisturizing at a very young age because I’ve always had combination skin with patches of dry skin. I look younger than I actually am, and I owe it to good genes and my mom’s nagging about the importance of moisturizing.

Eat Healthy

I grew up at a home where we were always forced to eat everything on our plate. I remember spending hours at the table eating okra, which I hated, and to this date I still hate the gooey vegetable. My mother would always cook at least one serving of vegetables at dinner and always had a bowl of fruit on the table. It’s a rule that I continue to follow and it really does help you eat more fruits and vegetables.