Ouch! Why Do My Bones Pop?

Some people enjoy cracking their bones from their fingers because it feels good, but others advise against it fearing this will lead to arthritis in the long run. It’s impossible to get arthritis from cracking your bones, but why do bones crack or pop?

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Why Do Bones Pop?

You can hear bones popping all over your body. From your fingers, to your elbows, toes, knees, neck–you can hear them crack all over your body.bones popping

Most of the sounds we hear are due to bones rubbing against each other, which causes temporary friction where they vibrate loudly, which is why we hear a pop.

Another cause 0f joint popping is fixation, where your bones are temporarily stuck together due to suction.

Gases within your bone, such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide can form bubbles, which is what causes the popping sound.

There are tendons located in the middle of your bones and when they get loose, they too can cause a popping sound.

Many times you are born with ligaments that are very loose, those that are double-jointed can bend their bones all the way back and can experience bone popping without any pain.