Mechanic Creates Device That Will Help Prevent Hot Car Deaths

Many of us are in awe with the number of babies that get left behind in hot cars. On average about 40 children die each year from heat-related car deaths after being left by their caregivers. It’s very easy to judge and accuse people who leave their sleeping child in the back seat, but it can happen to anyone. Ignacio Méndez created an electrical system prototype with sensors that prevents children in hot cars from dying from the high temperatures.child in car

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Méndez is a mechanic and he took matters into his own hands when he continued to see cases where children died in hot cars. His electrical system is equipped with sensors that start the vehicle automatically if the interior reaches 86 degrees Fahrenheit when it detects movement inside the car. In addition, it activates a car alarm that doesn’t go off until someone opens the door. In case the air-conditioner doesn’t work, the system automatically opens the windows when the inside temperature reaches 93.2 degrees Fahrenheit.