Sofía Vergara’s Embryo Battle Continues

More women are waiting longer to have children and egg freezing is quite popular amongst American women. Sofía Vergara, 43, was once engaged to Nick Loeb and they froze their embryos together. The couple broke up and she married Joe Manganiello and of course she has no interest in having children with Loeb, which is why the ex-couple is undergoing a legal battle to determine what’s going to happen to the frozen embryos.

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This public legal battle is setting the example for the thousands of women interested in freezing their embryos. Luckily you don’t have to much of the legal leg work, since you are asked to sign consent forms at the clinic where you’re getting your embryos frozen. They will ask how long you want the embryos to be stored, what happens if your partner dies or can’t make decisions by yourself, whether you can donate them, and any other specific requests.sofia vergara

In most cases embryos are stored for 10 years, which is why Loeb has been battling the actress (he’s running out of time). They broke up in May 2014 and he filed suit in August 2015. The ex-couple created several frozen embryos together and signed an agreement stating that “mutual consent” would be needed to bring them to term.