Animal Cruelty Investigation Against The Dog Whisperer Comes to An End

The “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan is relieved that an investigation accusing him of animal cruelty has finally come to an end.  There were complaints of animal cruelty when an episode of his show aired showing a small dog nipping a pig’s ear as part of the training. Millan is a self-taught dog behaviorist and has to deal with the pressures of caring for pets on an everyday basis. What most don’t know is that Millan tried committing suicide a couple of years ago, after his wife of 16 years filed for divorce and his beloved pit bull, Daddy, died.

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No charges will brought against the Dog Whisperer for this investigation, since the video shows that the dog accidentally escaped Millan’s control. The dog was instantly captured and the pig was taken to a veterinarian, which found there was no need for treatment.

dog whisperer, cesar millan“There is no evidence that the pig was used as bait, and all parties who witnessed the incident felt it was an accident,” said Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney David Jacobs in a case evaluation statement. Although in the video, the pig is seen bleeding after the dog nipped it, the ear did not tear or bite the skin off.