What is Alexis Bledel’s Secret to Gorgeous Skin?

Alexis Bledel is coming back to Stars Hollow, joining fellow co-star mom Lauren Graham in the Gilmore Girls revival for Netflix. There have been some photos of the gorgeous blue-eyed Latina and we couldn’t help but notice how she hasn’t really aged during the last 9 years since we’ve seen her on Gilmore Girls. What’s her secret?

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alexis bladel

According to the Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets, Bledel’s secret to the fountain of youth is cleansing her skin with olive oil. “About once a week, I steam my face with pure olive oil,” says Bledel. “You just get a bowl of hot water, dab a little olive oil on your dry spots, and let it do its work. It’s an old trick that really works and your skin stays soft and line-free.”