Are Your Feet Sandal-Ready?

Sandal weather is officially here! Your feet have been in hibernation for a couple of months, covered by heavy boots and thick socks, which might mean that you haven’t had a pedicure in months. Now that the weather is getting warmer, it might be a good idea to see what’s going on down there before displaying your pretty toes in sandals.

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There are common foot issues that need to be addressed before you put on your sandals. We’ve got solutions and even tips on how to make sure your feet not only look great, but comfy as well.

Athlete’s Foot

This is a common issue among those that workout or those that always wear covered shoes. Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that affects the upper layer of the skin of the foot, especially when it’s warm, moist and irritated. It can be quite annoying, and can cause itching, burning pain and scaling. There are anti-fungal powders that you can apply on your feet or even get oral anti-fungal medications. Or you soak your feet with ½ cup of organic apple cider vinegar and warm water, which also helps kill fungus found on your feet.
nail infection, athlete's foot
Nail Infection

When fungus infects your nails, a nail infection can make your nails look extra thick or have a yellowish or brownish color. Unfortunately, this often happens when you have Athlete’s foot, and many times you can’t fix it on your own and have to see your doctor for a prescription. In most cases an anti-fungal prescription or topical cream will do the trick. Make sure you go quick because if it starts in one nail, it can spread to others and you don’t want your funky nail infection to be on display when you wear your sandals.
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