Holy Week Meatless Recipes

Every year Catholics commemorate Holy Week with a series of events that lead to Easter Sunday. People take off work to go to these special services that commemorate the life and death of Jesus and the dinner menu this week is extra special. Many people don’t eat meat, particularly on Thursday and Friday of Holy Week and it’s often difficult to come up with fish or vegetarian options that will keep your family full. That’s why we’ve put together a couple of delicious recipes that would be great options for this time of the year!

Traditional Ceviche

1 cup of white fish cut in small pieces (Sea Bass, Striped Bass, Sole or Flounder)
1/2 an Onionshrimp ceviche
Bunch of Cilantro
5 Limes
½ cup of Tomato
1 tspn of black pepper
½ Serrano pepper

Mix all of the ingredients into a mixing bowl.

Let it rest for at least 20 minutes in the fridge.

Makes 1 serving