OITNB Actresses Are Not Your Typical Latinas

Hollywood has very strict guidelines when it comes to casting Latinas. Often, they look for the “stereotypical Latina” which is the hour-glass-shaped skinny brunette with large brown eyes and beautiful smile. This is why so many Latinos, especially Afro-Latinos like Dascha Polanco and Elizabeth Rodriguez get skipped over. In an interview in Argentina, they talk about being excited about the upcoming release of the 4th season of the Orange is the New Black coming June 17.latinas in OITNB

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Polanco explains how grateful she is to be working alongside other fellow Latinas that just like her are not a size 0, but that are showing the diversity there is within the Latino culture. “Netflix has given an opportunity to Latinas that aren’t a size 0 or size 2 in Hollywood, but instead are juicy, voluminous, with a different skin tone,” says Polanco. This show means the world to her especially coming from an immigrant background because it took her longer to get where she is today.