Delicious Naturally Sweet Apple Tart

March 14th is National Pie Day! Those that love math know that pi=3.14, which is where the origin for Pie Day comes from, but any excuse to have pie is great excuse. We love apple pie because it’s so delicious, but there’s no fun in getting store-bought apple pies because they pack on the sugar and well let’s face it, making homemade apple pie for your family is not only a great way to tell them you love them, but it’s also a great way of taking control of the ingredients.

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We found this great recipe for an apple tart at Inspired Home, which is more beautiful and healthier that pie and with no sugar or butter, which is a great healthier option. When it comes to picking the type of apples for baking, not all apples are created equal. There are some apples that are better to eat fresh, others that are good to make cider, but there are only a few that will really make your pie naturally sweet. You don’t want your apple tart to be bitter and flavorless, so choose wisely.

Top 7 Apples for Bakingapple

Pink Lady
Granny Smith
Golden Delicious
Honey Crisp


Depending on the season, you might not be able to find certain apples. Our top two are Granny Smith and Honey Crisp because they are just naturally sweet and they hold their texture when baking. Check out the recipe!