Are You At Risk For Kidney Disease?

Kidney disease is one of those things that people rarely talk about and this is because when it is diagnosed, it’s usually at a late stage. One in three American adults are currently at risk for developing kidney disease and 26 million American adults have kidney disease and don’t know it. Many times it’s every day habits that lead to kidney disease. The good news is that kidney disease is preventable and there even certain foods and herbs that can keep your kidneys healthy.

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kidney diseaseSigns and Symptoms

In most cases, kidney disease has no symptoms and often isn’t diagnosed until the very advanced stages, but according to the National Kidney Foundation, these are some of the symptoms:

Painful urination
Foamy urine
Pink or dark urine, usually meaning there’s blood in the urine
Increased need to urinate, especially at night
Puffy eyes
Swollen all over the body
Increased thirst