How Does A Solar Eclipse Affect You?

The sun is a powerful force and while it’s something that many people take for granted, there are many people that believe in the power of the sun to do good and bad things. Some claim that an eclipse can change your mood, can damage your eyes and even alter your pregnancy. Is there any truth behind these claims?

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Solar EclipseEmotions

There’s not much formal research related to eclipses and mood swings, but many people believe that eclipses have psychological effects. People seem to be more agitated, have unusual dreams, burst of creativity, and even relationship difficulties.


Solar retinopathy is a real thing and this happens when you stare directly at the sun for long periods of time. During a solar eclipse you are more at risk, which is why if you want to look at a solar eclipse, it’s important to use protective gear. Solar retinopathy can cause injury to the retina, causing temporary blindness and often permanent.