Spring Break Beauty Trends

Spring Break is right around the corner and many of us are already counting the days! One of the first things that you have to take into consideration is the weather, what you’re going to pack and what you need to buy. Planning ahead is key, which is why it’s a great idea to keep up with the newest beauty trends.

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By March most people are sick of the cold weather, so they’re looking forward to getting a tan at a sunny location. One of the first things you have to think about is sunblock because you don’t want to ruin your trip by getting sunburned. We recommend getting a moisturizer or foundation that already has some type of SPF, the higher the number, the better.

blue eyeliner, spring break trendsOne of the biggest trends when it comes to makeup is lots of color. One of the most popular things on the runway is blue eyeliner, which really works on all types of eyes. A pop of color on your eyes and on your lips is really hot right now. No, we’re not saying to go buy blue lipstick, but definitely wear a pop of hot red or pink on your lips, which is in right now. Body glitter is making a comeback, women are wearing body glitter and even glitter on their eyeshadow.