Alternative Ways To Conquer Chronic Pain

Woman leans back against white shelf in painUnfortunately for many individuals, chronic pain is a day-to-day situation that they must live with. However hard it is to pinpoint the cause of the pain, there are ways to manage the pain. Better yet, they are alternative medicines that are drug free.

Lower-Back Pain

Do to poor posture, some type of injury or any other cause like sleeping on a bad bed, approximately 84 percent of people experience lower-back pain at some point in their lives. If you’re dealing with acute pain, you should stretch and start moving to keep muscles flexible, though avoid strenuous activity. With the use of a heating pad, the paid should subside in a week. But those with chronic pain, it will never fully go away.

The alternative prescription for this is Osteopathic Manual Treatment or OMT, which is a hands-on form of therapy that is more like a spa-like rub down. A physician will use methods of healing liek stretching and kneading soft tissue and applying pressure where needed.

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