DIY Mani-Pedi +Tips To Keep Nails Strong

The beauty industry is a 20 billion dollar industry and any woman will tell you that beauty maintenance doesn’t come cheap. On average you can expect to spend about $20 on a manicure and about $40 on a mani-pedi. Some women feel that it’s an unnecessary expense and they enjoy taking care of their nails at home and save the mani-pedi for special occasions. It’s actually pretty simple and therapeutic because it’s fun to do some self-care pampering at home.


If you suffer from weak brittle nails that break often, check out these tips to keep your nails strong:

Drink plenty of water
Wear gloves when you wash dishes
Trim your nails often
Moisturize and add cuticle oil to your nails at night
Eat more protein and biotin
Drink more milk (vitamin D)
Eat more healthy Omega-3s
Buy nail polish that has nourishing vitamins and oils
Don’t bite your nails, play with your cuticles or use your nails as tools
Take vitamins
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Step 1

The first thing you have figure out is what you’re going to need for your nails.

You will need:

Nail polish remover and cotton balls
Nail file
Sugar scrub to exfoliate
Cuticle oil and tools
Buffing block
Nail polish (base coat, color, and top coat)