Reverse Desk Job Back Pain With These Yoga Poses

If you suffer from back pain, you are not alone. An estimated 75% of all Americans suffer from back pain at one point or another. It’s so common and many times the stress of work, heavy lifting and even the cold can have an effect on your muscles and spine, causing it to tense up and cause pain. Treating your back pain can be quite expensive, but many people find that simple stretches and yoga can ease the pain.

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Forward Fold

The forward fold could be done either sitting down or standing up. It helps stretch your back and legs at the same time. It relieves stress, strengthens hamstrings, reduces fatigue and anxiety and even stimulates the liver and kidneys.

yoga pose, forward fold

Downward Facing Dog

With this pose you are stretching your back, legs and arms, it helps you relax your back and strengthen your back muscles. It energizes the body, strengthens your arms and legs, relieves insomnia and fatigue.

yoga, yogi, downward dog pose

Cobra Pose

This pose is great for those people that sit in an office for 8 hours straight. It helps relieve lower back pain, while stretching and strengthening your spine and your core muscles.

Bhujangasana cobra Yoga pose, yoga, cobra pose

Sphinx Pose

If you like doing planks, doing the Sphinx pose is usually a starting point. You can sit on your arms, while stretching your back and focus on your breathing. It helps relieve lower back pain and eases pain around your spine, plus it helps firm your butt!