Zika Virus: Pregnant Women Are Urged to Cancel Travel to Latin America

U.S. Health officials from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention  are warning pregnant women to not travel to the Carribbean and across Latin America due to the Zika virus. The disease, which is transmitted through mosquitos could affect the fetus and may cause birth defects.

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Since December 2015, a locally transmitted case of Zika virus infection was detected in Puerto Rico. CDC recommends that travelers to affected areas in South America, Central America, the Caribbean, or Mexico protect themselves from mosquito bites.

pregnant woman, woman with pregnant bellyZika outbreaks have been identified recently in several countries in Central and South America. The outbreak began in Brazil in May. Recently, the Ministry of Health in Brazil has raised concerns about a possible association between the Zika virus outbreak and increased numbers of babies born with birth defects. For this reason, pregnant women should take extra precautions to avoid mosquito bites.

There is no vaccine or medicine to prevent Zika virus infection. One of the few things travelers could do is protect themselves from preventing mosquito bites by doing the following: