Dry Hair?|DIY Hair Deep Conditioning Treatments

Visiting your hairdresser can be quite expensive. Sometimes you only have enough for the haircut and you skimp on the deep conditioning because it can run you almost as much as the haircut itself. Many times you’re paying more because 1. someone is doing it for you and 2. the name of the brand. We can guarantee that they use the same ingredients in the following DIY conditioning treatments that you can try at home and for a fraction of the cost.

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Everyone loves honey, but the thought of putting it on your hair might have you question, how do you get the stickiness out? It’s pretty simple, you just need a half a cup of honey(if it’s organic, even better), four tablespoons of olive oil, use less if you have oily hair. Mix ingredients together in a bowl and then massage it into your hair. Once you’ve applied the mixture, you can put on a shower cap and let it rest for at least 30 minutes. Then rinse it off and shampoo your hair like normal.honey dripping, honey, bowl of honey, DIY hair treatment