Why Sleep Is Good For Your Health

Couple sleeps in bed with gray sheets

Hola, amorcitos!

I have been so happy recently due to all of the sun I’ve been seeing on my daily walks and and through my windows in the morning. ¡Que bellísimo es tener el sol para levartarnos! Although I need my alarm clock, I usually wake up before it goes off.

My days have become much more invigorating too. I get up y como ya saben, I go for my walk con mis amigas around the park. I just heard about two filmmakers who made about a movie called “The Longest Swim” about one of the guys having diabetes and taking too much insulin. That’s so scary! In the movie, the young man has a seizure and his friend has to swim across the lake for help.

Las personas con diabetes tipo 1 tienen ese peligro en tomar demasiado insulina. Se baja la azucar muchísimo and seizures can happen. That has never happened to me. Anyway, that is what we talked about.