Taking Action Against Asthma

Young woman in white tank top uses inhalerAsthma is a big issue in the Latino community. According to the Office of Minority Health, of Latino nationalities, the Puerto Rican community has the highest rate of asthma cases, with 2.6 times the asthma rate compared to all Latinos. Latino children are 40 more likely to die from asthma as compared to non-Latinos.

In 2010, approximately 10.6 percent of Latinos 18 had cases of asthma, with over 10 percent having ever been told they had asthma. However, many people have been known to outgrow the symptoms.

While causes for respiratory issues can come from environmental factors, which is often the cause, illnesses like asthma can also be hereditary. It is important to take action and obtain as much education as possible to know what to do in case of emergency, as well as keeping up on preventative care.

Recently, it has been found that after the age of 18 medical care has dropped in young people due to the lack of insurance coverage, and what’s more, Latinos have a high rate of being uninsured. Because of situations such as these, asthma sufferers should be aware of causes and ways to protect themselves from future problems.

Get Help While You Can