The Multi-Purpose Aloe Vera


It looked like an octopus’ tentacles coming out of the giant pot in the corner of your grandmother’s sala. The green arms grew long and thick  and when you broke off a piece of it, the clear sticky ooze and fresh smell of dirt emerged from the plant.

The aloe vera plant is native to northern Africa but has has held a loving place in Latino hearts for some time due to all its health benefits.

The sappy secretion of the plant can be consumed or applied directly to the skin. Of all different remedies, the plant has been known to help the skin above all else, especially in cases of sun burn. In addition, aloe has been known to help heal bruises, alleviate rashes, heal blisters, replace body lotion and even be used as hair conditioner. medicinal and healing purposes. Recorded for the first known time on a Sumerian tablet 2100 B.C., the aloe vera plant has been used by everyone from the Romans to the Egyptians for everything from beauty to kidney healing.
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