7 Benefits Of A Spicy Diet

Table with peppers and salsa with chipsIf there’s any stereotype that Latinos can live up to, it’s that we love spicy food. More than other nationalities, one can say that Mexicans grow up with salsa at the table, eventually adding it to everything from eggs to soups. From homemade salsas, to the spicy sauces you buy in bottles at the local supermarket, the spice adds benefits to your food and life. It’s a tasty way to add flavor and health benefits to your diet.

Your parents were actually doing a good thing when they made you eat that spicy food this whole time!

1. ¡Bueno pa’ el corazón!

Spicy foods contain one ingredient that helps lower “bad” cholesterol– capsaicin. It is found in peppers and hot chiles and more often than not, people who eat more spice enriched food have a less likely risk of suffering heart attacks or strokes. Although it won’t replace blood pressure medications, it may work as a great supplement. Spicy foods increases circulation, may lower blood pressure and strain on the heart.

2. Cancer prevention

Spicy food isn’t a secure way of preventing cancer, but it can help in the effort. The same ingredient that helps lower cholesterol, capsaicin, has also been shown to kill cancer cells, according to the American Association of Cancer Research. If you feel adventerous and want to increase levels of spiciness, turn to Indian food. Tumeric, the main spice found in curry, has been found to slow down the spread of particular cancer cells, like prostate. ¡Come!

3. Weight loss

Spicy foods have been shown to leave eaters satisfied as opposed to eating bland food.  It also speeds up your metabolism. Stick to your diet, eat until your mouth is burning then wait for your metabolism to take over. If only it were that easy!

4. Felicidad

Spicy food has been shown to boost serotonin in your brain making you feel happier. Along with that, it makes you feel more relaxed and less stressed. This also leads to a better, restful sleep.

5. Cold relief

Have you ever worked up a sweat while eating something spicy? This helps you fight symptoms of the common cold, along with clearing out your nasal passages if you’re all stuffed up. Ya sabes, the sniffing after a delicious meal is common and good for you. Blow your nose!

6.  Acne Reduction 

Who knew this? If you eat spicy food regularly, it has been shown to clear up severe acne. In addition, spicy foods are also full of vitamins and minerals, namely vitamin C, which is also good for your complexion.

7. Mentally Fit

People who eat spicy foods regularly have a lower risk of developing degenerative brain and nervous system issues. The spice may also help with depression and migraines.