7 Benefits Of A Spicy Diet

Table with peppers and salsa with chipsIf there’s any stereotype that Latinos can live up to, it’s that we love spicy food. More than other nationalities, one can say that Mexicans grow up with salsa at the table, eventually adding it to everything from eggs to soups. From homemade salsas, to the spicy sauces you buy in bottles at the local supermarket, the spice adds benefits to your food and life. It’s a tasty way to add flavor and health benefits to your diet.

Your parents were actually doing a good thing when they made you eat that spicy food this whole time!

1. ¡Bueno pa’ el corazón!

Spicy foods contain one ingredient that helps lower “bad” cholesterol– capsaicin. It is found in peppers and hot chiles and more often than not, people who eat more spice enriched food have a less likely risk of suffering heart attacks or strokes. Although it won’t replace blood pressure medications, it may work as a great supplement. Spicy foods increases circulation, may lower blood pressure and strain on the heart.

2. Cancer prevention