Oprah Dropped 42 Pounds When She Changed Her Mindset

Losing weight can take a toll on your body both physically and emotionally, especially when you work so hard and don’t see the weight dropping. Oprah Winfrey has struggled with weight loss for years and she recently shared the details about her 42-pound weight loss which she succeeded by ignoring the numbers on the scale.

When people begin a weight loss program, they often have a goal in mind. They want to lose a certain number of pounds and start by weighing themselves constantly after working out and dieting, they rush to look at the scale to see if they’ve lost any weight. This can be a particularly stressful thing to do and Oprah knows how unmotivating it is to see that you’ve worked your butt off and you haven’t lost any weight.

“At 200 pounds, I was okay,” she told Weight Watchers Magazine. “I have never, ever, ever been at that point. And then at 190 pounds, I was okay. If I don’t lose another pound right now, I’m still okay. The fullness of life, the fullness of being, the self-acceptance–I’d never done tat before. I’d always beaten myself up because I was tied to a number.”