Amazon Go Let’s You Shop For Groceries & Walk Out!

There are many food delivery companies, such as Peapod where you purchase your groceries online and they get delivered to your doorstep. Now, Amazon is taking it a step further and has introduced Amazon Go, a grocery store with no cash registers, no lines to wait in when shopping for your favorite go

With Amazon Go you can simply grab what you need and walk out, without having to wait in long lines at the cash register. No, it’s not free food. Upon entering the store, shoppers will scan their Amazon Go app. The app will keep track of what you’re picking up as you go through the store and automatically place the item in your virtual shopping cart in the app.  The app uses computer vision, deep learning algorithms, sensor fusion, much like the technology you find in self-driving cars, except Amazon calls it Just Walk Out Technology. When you’re done shopping, you just leave, then Amazon charges your card with the items you leave the store with and even emails you a receipt.