How To Survive Your Period When You’re On Vacation

One of the worst things that can happen to you during vacation or even on a day when you have something special is your period! Not only do you feel self-conscious about taking a dip in the pool, but you also have to worry about cramping, bloating, and being in a bad mood because OMG, why now! But, don’t worry. There are things that you can do while on vacation in order to alleviate the PMS symptoms and even the discomfort that comes during this time of the month.


There are some foods that you can avoid in order to stop feeling bloated. Staying away from too much too much sugar and salt is the first place to start because these two can increase bloating. Instead eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, during and at least a week before your period. Doing exercise every day is beneficial to your overall health, but it also helps keep your tummy looking less bloated, plus it also helps with other PMS symptoms.