How Often Should You Wash Your Dirty Towels?

Most people feel that if a towel smells good, that it’s still clean. There are so many different types of towels from dish towels, hand towels to bath towels. Chances are that you use them every single day and if you want to get close to being germ-fee, you might want to wash them more often.

Kitchen towels

When you think about all of the action that happens in the kitchen, the cooking, the eating, the washing of ThinkstockPhotos-488909854hands, etc. Many people tend to have one kitchen rag that they use to wipe off the counters and another to dry dishes–and if you wash your hands in the kitchen you might use that towel too. If you have a dirty kitchen rag, you are actually introducing hundreds of thousands of bacteria. That counter you just wiped that looks clean, might be infested with germs. The same goes for those dishes you just washed and dried with that towel. Experts recommend that you wash these towels after each use, preferably dip them in diluted bleach and keep them dry, since moisture invites germs to grow.