Why Latinos Are Losing Sleep

Father and daughter sleep on a white couch togetherDid you get your seven hours of sleep before checking out this article? If not, you might be going against what we’re supposed to learn this week as a community and as a country. National Sleep Awareness Week has begun, taking place the week of March 3 through the 10. This week is meant  to educate and bring awareness of the importance of sleep.

It goes beyond just liking sleep and sleeping in on a Saturday morning.

Sleep has been tied to a series of health conditions, namely cardiovascular conditions, which can be caused by sleep apnea or snoring. Sleep apnea is when a person’s breathing is interrupted while asleep which means that there may be a lack of oxygen to the brain and heart.

The amount of time a person sleeps, especially if it is too short of a time, has been linked to obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and increased mortality from all causes.

When the body is at rest, the body relaxes bringing blood glucose levels and blood pressure levels down to normal. The body regulates itself without the use of any medications while sleeping. Sleeping a good amount every night also prevents unnecessary weight gain. When people are tired, they are most likely going to eat high-sugared, greasy foods and caffeinated drinks to keep themselves up and awake.