Should Sex Education Start At School Or At Home?

Most of us remember the sex education class we had in elementary school. I remember watching a video of the birds and the bees and learning about the reproductive system. Yet, there are many schools that due to budget cuts have eliminated the need for sex education. This could be a problem, like it was for a Texas high school that is in the middle of a chlamydia outbreak, possibly due to the fact that the school does not offer sexual education. Many parents feel that it’s the school’s responsibility to talk to their sons and daughters about sex, but is it entirely up to them?

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One of the good things about sex education classes is that it starts a much needed conversation. It does the legwork for parents and when the students get home, parents can ask them specific questions. But, if there’s no conversation happening at school or at home, it’s a problem. So, here are some tips to help parents start the conversation and hopefully prevent their kids from catching a sexually transmitted disease.