Isabel Allende Found Love Again at 75

Chilean author, Isabel Allende just released her 23rd book, “In The Midst of Winter” which she wrote as she was getting divorced from her husband of 28 years. She expected to spend the rest of her life alone, but at 75 she’s found love once again. isabel allende

“I sold the big house I had with my ex-husband and I bought a small house where I planned to live with my dog and my computer,” she explains to People En Español. But to her surprise, an NPR listener who heard an interview of Allende wrote to her because he didn’t like what she said. She soon became friends with the New York lawyer who would write to her every morning and every night.

“I got so used to his messages that as soon as I would wake up I would run to check my phone to see if I had received a message from him, and for five months this took place without us talking or seeing each other,” she says.

She finally met him in a gala in New York and asked him what his intentions were because she was a 74-year-old woman who had no time to waste.

isabel allende