Multiple Sclerosis: What Are the Symptoms?

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When I was in elementary school there was a reading program called MS Read-A-Thon where students read books in order to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). It was rewarding to know that reading could help raise funds for this disease. Unfortunately, I didn’t know much about it and many people still don’t. Yet, recent studies show an increase in the number of Latinos in the U.S. and in Latin America that have been diagnosed with MS. With the increase of the Latino population going up, so is the rate of Latinos with this disease.

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the nervous system. It’s a disease where the brain has difficulty communicating with the rest of the body. Simple things that you take for granted like being able to move your hands a certain way, walking, even scratching your head or tying your shoes are things you can’t do properly when you have MS.