Phone Apps That Can Help Your Child Do Better In School

Kids are back in school and it’s not like before where you had to rely on searching something in an encyclopedia or having to wait for the library to open to search something. Nowadays you have Google on your side and apps that can help you stay organized, help with complicated homework questions, and much more.
The best school apps


Remember when you needed to buy index cards and help your children memorize multiplication tables and word definitions, well now you can use apps for that. Brainscape is a form of smart flashcards that you can search millions of subjects or make flashcards and share them with others.  The app is free, but you can purchase pre-made sets of flashcards to help learn new things, such as a foreign language.Related image


One of kids biggest complaints is the amount of homework they have to deal with every day. Some teachers even give assignments during their winter vacation. iHomework is an app that can help keep track of all your work, sorting it by the due date, by course, plus it can even integrate data from Questia, so you don’t have to scramble to look for reading material. The app costs $1.99, but if your child has problems keeping organized, this is a great investment.Image result for ihomework app

Got It Study

This is a great app that has a free photo equation solver, where you take a photo of a homework problem, test question, or assignment and you get free live help. Before, both kids and parents had to suffer with math, physics, and chemistry homework, staying up all night trying to figure out an equation. This simplifies your life and you get free live help with the touch of a button.  Image result for got it study app


We can give you a long list of apps that can come in handy for the school year, but in reality, this type of technology is not one size fits all. There are apps that help your children be on time, become more organized, help them study, help them with spelling tests, math problems, sports, and much more. It’s important for parents to use technology wisely because children pick up on technology quickly and can often do worse on their school work and tests when they rely on technology too much. Make sure you monitor them and help them study so they can absorb everything they’ve learned rather than just get quick answers to difficult school problems.