Beyond Superstition

In the U.S. Friday the 13th is considered bad luck, in Mexico it’s also the 13th, but only if it falls on a Tuesday. There are many other superstitions like, don’t place your purse on the floor because if you do, it’s like you’re throwing away your money. Same thing goes if you sweep the floor at night, you are dusting away your savings. If a black cat crosses in front of you, you have to spit to avoid bad luck or if you sleep next to your dog or cat, you’ll become infertile. Lastly, don’t wear a married woman’s wedding ring or you’ll never get married. There are many superstitions, especially among Hispanics who are often taught these superstitions when they’re young to explain the unexplainable.


While many of these things may sound funny or quirky, some people have developed anxiety disorders such as, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). They give themselves anxiety over things that might seem like they’re small things, but can affect them emotionally or make them think and act irrationally. People with OCD say their brains become fixated on a thought–they have feelings of fear or doubt.

537351057This is why it’s important to not think about superstitions too much. Instead use superstitions to your advantage. Studies show that superstitions serve as a placebo effect, both the positive and negative superstitions. If you believe that something will give you good luck, then it will. Plus it never hurts to have some extra luck on your side. Don’t prevent doing things just because you think it’s bad luck. Do you think that the world stops, just because it’s Friday the 13th, no. In fact, some people wait for a day like Friday the 13th because they are fighting the odds and they feel they fight the bad with good.

If a black cat crosses your path, or you break a mirror, it’s not the end of the world. You will not have 10 years of bad luck. Always live your life positively and if you believe that your baby should wear a red bracelet to avoid evil eye of people then do it. It’s always good to believe in something, but performance is a key factor in an outcome. Knock on wood and hope for the best.

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