Stop Waiting For Mr. Right and Settle For Mr. Right Now

Your mother has told you this, your married friends too–there’s no such thing as Mr. Right. Now a new study in Michigan came to the conclusion that your family and friends were right. During their research, they found out that Mr. Right does not exist, so you need to settle for Mr. Right Now. They claim that throughout history, the majority of people have played it safe and that turns out to be the best option.


Scientists at Michigan State University built a computer model that simulates the parameters of high-risk decision making in small groups over thousands of generations of digital organisms.  They found that primitive humans could either choose a mate that was potentially inferior, offering companionship, even though they were at risk of having inferior offspring, or they could wait around for the perfect mate. If they choose to wait for Mr. or Miss. Perfect, they would risk the chance of never mating, which is what your mother has been telling you all along.

Among Hispanics, marriage is a very big part of tradition and starting a family. So, why are there so many women in their 30’s still unmarried. There are a variety of reasons, such as:

1. Successful careers: More and more women are career driven and stop at nothing to achieve the personal success before settling down.