Holistic Treatment: Is It Worth It?

More and more we’re seeing people travel from Latin American countries to the U.S. to get medical treatment they can’t receive in their native countries. There have been many cases where families receive special emergency visas because it’s a life and death medical emergency. When people travel to the U.S., they know that they will receive high quality medical care in state of the art facilities where the best type of care exists. There are also many cases where people living here refuse care due to their religious and holistic beliefs.


Why Do People Continue To Refuse Treatment?

That has always been the million-dollar question. If you have access to healthcare and you have a treatable illness, then why not? Some people refuse treatment because it’s against their religion or live a holistic lifestyle. In the U.S., people have rights and freedom of speech and religion. The Supreme Court determined back in 1990 that a competent person  has the the right to refuse medical treatment. Except children because they are not responsible for making their own decisions and there have been many cases where families have ended up in court because of this.

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