These Shoes Are Helping Improve The lives of Colombian Artisans

Soles for Change is a relatively new company that launched in 2016 and is helping change the lives of talented Colombian artists that create beautiful shoes.

These shoes are made from sustainable raw materials and are created by artisans of Santander that include single mothers, young apprentices, and senior artisans that make each handcrafted pair of shoes.soles for change

In the past, there has been a lot of big corporations that purchase these beautiful designs and then recreate them for a huge profit. This organization’s goal is to help these artisans lead a better quality of life.

Laura Viveros is the mastermind behind this project and it all started with a visit to Colombia in 2015. She was very tired from sight-seeing the city and stumbled across an artisan with these beautiful shoes. Shortly after her trip, she couldn’t stop talking about how comfortable and well-made these shoes were, so she decided that she needed to do something.