Does Sex Throw Off Your Game When You’re An Athlete?

Shannon de Lima and Canelo Álvarez are dating, and during a visit with Raul de Molina, she got asked a very intimate question–would she put off sex with Canelo before his boxing match? Most trainers tell boxers that they shouldn’t drink alcohol, to get plenty of sleep and to abstain from having sex. But how exactly does abstaining from sex affect athletes, like Álvarez?shannon y canelo

“Shannon, please take care of Canelo. Nothing for at least one month before, you promise?” said Raul de Molina from El Gordo Y La Flaca show, referring to having sexual relations with the boxer. “Nothing, I promise. I’m going to take care of him,” she says.

Abstaining from having sex is something that many coaches recommend their athletes in a variety of sports. Even during the World Cup and Olympics, there were team-wide bans on having sex before games, but why?