Zoë Saldana Helps Raise Awareness For The #1 Killer of Women of Reproductive Age

Sia recently released a music video for her song, “Free Me” starring Zoë Saldana. The Dominican actress, best known for her roles in Star Trek, Avatar, and Guardians of the Galaxy, Saldana is taking a different direction and steering our attention towards the awareness of HIV in Sia’s music video.

Saldana is featured as a heartbroken expecting mother who learns that she is HIV positive. Her character is informed that if she is left untreated, her unborn child will also contract the disease. She brings us through her journey in her role she plays as the struggling expectant mother in an emotional piece accompanied by interpretive dancers. The video ends with Saldana’s character rejoicing with happiness with her newborn baby crying in her arms and a message stating, “HIV/AIDS is the NO. 1 killer of women of reproductive age worldwide.”