Stop Throwing Away Food Scraps And Use Them For Your Garden

Every year people spend hundreds of dollars on new soil, fertilizer, pest control, and food for their plants and vegetables in their garden when you could be using food scraps. Things like coffee grounds, used tea bags, egg shells and many others provide nutrients to the soil. And we all know how expensive these gardening products can be when you could be feeding your soil for free!


Tea Bags

Drinking tea is a great way to get the day started and most people simply throw away their tea bags into the trash, but did you know that you could use them in your garden? Most tea bags are made from materials that decompose fast. Tea leaves contain tannic acid and nutrients that act as natural fertilizers for your soil. They also help keep bugs away from your plants and can even keep pesky animals like squirrels from stealing your bulbs in your garden. Plus, they help retain water and keep weeds stay away, which helps you in the long run.

used tea bags

Coffee Grounds

Most people drink at least 5 cups of coffee a week and that’s a lot of fertilizer you are throwing away each week. Coffee grounds serve as a mulching and fertilizing agent for gardens. They are an excellent source of nitrogen, which worms love and other veggie and flower-munching insects hate, so it serves as a pesticide grounds