Rubi’s Quince Ends In Disaster & Tragedy–Thanks To Social Media

Every young lady looks forward to her quinceañera, but for one particular teen, Rubi Ibarra, her party turned into a viral media frenzy thanks to a simple mistake. Her father recorded a video inviting their family and friends to the quince celebration stating that no one would be turned away, but instead family and friends forwarded the video on social media, and before they knew it 1 million people had RSVP’d to the party held in the small town of La Joya, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.rubi quince

What was supposed to be a sweet beautiful party, turned into a nightmare and even resulted in the death of a guest. During the weeks preceding the party, millions of memes popped up on Facebook and Twitter, and the news of Rubi’s quince spread around the world since media outlets gave it extensive coverage.

The event was named the party of the year, where at least half a dozen musical artists confirmed to perform, but the day of the party, only one showed up. The party was held the day after Christmas–on a Monday, and thousands of people showed up and friends and relatives had to get through an army of reporters just so Rubi could attend an open-air Mass. The original church where she was supposed to have her Mass refused to do it there because of the number of people that were expected.