Leslie Grace’s Tips On Maintaining Curly Hair

Latinas are known for their long beautiful hair and it just doesn’t come from good genes. Great hair takes a lot of patience and good maintenance. Leslie Grace, the “Princess of Bachata” has beautiful long hair, which is actually naturally curly and she shares some tips on how she keeps her hair healthy.

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The Dominican singer has naturally curly hair and even though she loves living in Miami, she hates what the humidity does to her hair. Luckily, she travels with her mom which helps her maintain her hair healthy and beautiful.

The singer is always seen rocking different hair styles, whether flat and straight or letting her natural curls frame her face. “I’m always straightening my hair with a flat iron, adding a lot of heat and hairspray, and my mom hydrates my hair with various products, cuts my split ends, because it’s difficult to do my job and maintain healthy hair,” she says.