Jessica Alba’s Launches Honest Hair

Jessica Alba has successfully built a million-dollar empire with The Honest Company. The eco-friendly company carries a variety of items for children, personal care, and even cleaning products. Now she’s launched Honest Hair, a new extension of hair products.

“It felt like a natural extension of the [Honest] beauty brand. People want clean, high performance ingredients. Millennials are really seeking products that aren’t using a lot of ingredients that could be potentially harmful, or cause allergies, and there really isn’t any other brand like us,” she tells Latina.

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The new line of products is meant to be “clean, high performance, and sensual.” Women that suffer from too much buildup can benefit from a product that doesn’t feel too heavy. “The hydration line can work for anybody’s hair, it leaves it hydrated, doesn’t weight it down. It uses coconut juice for hydration and we’ve used it on so many different hair types here. If you have more color treated hair that tends to break we have a restore line and our main ingredient in that is amino acids,” she says.