How To Pick The Best Veggies & Fruits

The end of the summer is one of the best times for fresh produce. There are farmer’s markets where you get some of the best deals from farms nearby, but what happens when you spend a pretty penny on fresh vegetables and fruits, but when you get home, they’re not what you expected. Find out how to pick some of your favorite veggies and fruits so you won’t be disappointed when you eat them.



Many people pick up a watermelon by how pretty it looks, it’s perfect shape, but when picking up a watermelon it should feel heavy. They develop a splotch where they rest on the ground and when this area is creamy yellow, it’s ripe. You can also tap it and it should make a hollow sound hollow when it’s ripe.

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Ripe blueberries are plump and deep blue with a dusting of gray on the surface. A blueberry that is firm or shows any hint of red isn’t fully ripened and will likely be tart. White and green colored blueberries are not ripe; leave them on the bush or in the store as they will not ripen. Blueberries that are purple, red or bluish may ripen after they are picked.



Look for mangoes that are football shaped rather than thin or flat. The flatter mangoes may be stringy. Avoid stringy looking, shriveled mangoes. The mangoes that are fuller and rounder usually have the deep color of a ripe peach instead of the yellowish green that the other varieties have. Avoid mangos with a sour or alcoholic smell. Because of their high sugar content, mangoes will ferment naturally.