Sun-fighting Foods

Do you ever wonder why some people sunburn faster than others? We’ve all been there, we leave the house early to run some errands, but then we get an invite to go to an outdoor barbecue. Before you know it, you’re sunburned, but the rest aren’t and it’s not just because they’re wearing sunscreen. What’s their secret?

Sunscreen is extremely useful if you don’t want to get any damage from the sun, but what you eat can also help protect you from the inside-out. These are some of the most useful sun-fighting superfoods:


We all love munching on carrot sticks and baby carrots because they taste sweet and are a super healthy snack. They’re not only good for your eyes, but they contain beta-carotene which is an antioxidant that helps protect and repair cells from sun damage.carrot


These delicious fruits–yes it’s a fruit, not a vegetable that you should be eating and plenty of it. They contain lycopene, which provides a long-term protection against the dangers of UV rays. So make sure you eat plenty of tomato sauce and add them to your salads to reap the benefits.Tomatoes