Dascha Polanco: “I am fabulous, I am beautiful, I am me…"

The average women’s size in the U.S. is a size 12 and more and more mainstream designers are catering to the fact that most women are not a size 2. Unfortunately luxury labels have not received the memo and many are still reluctant to work with anyone who doesn’t fit into a model size. Dascha Polanco, actress from Orange is the New Black is not the first actress, nor the last, that will have a difficult time getting a high-end designer to make her a custom gown, but she’s definitely not staying quiet about she’s been through.
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The Dominican actress has a huge following on Instagram (over 2 million followers) and you would think that she has designers lining up to dress her, but nope. “It’s funny that a lot of the brands are dressing people who are not offering anything as far as talent, they’re just out there,” says Polanco to Vogue Magazine.  “I understand that it’s business, but still, it’s like, really? My industry friends, who are clear and honest with me say, “Girl, they don’t have your size, and you’re not at that level yet, so you have to either move that way or just build those relationships so that later in the future maybe it happens.”
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