Angélica Vale Couldn't Lose Weight Because Her Hormones Were Off

We haven’t seen Angélica Vale on TV in a while, but the funny woman has been keeping busy. She wrote and is now starring in the new novella called “La Fan.” The Mexican actress is looking a bit slimmer these days, but her weight-loss journey was not easy.

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Vale is on the cover of People en Español looking thinner and she shares her struggling journey to lose her baby weight after she had her son, Daniel Nicolás, and how she went from a size 16 to a size 8!

After she finished breast-feeding her son, she began to exercise eating healthier, but she wasn’t seeing any results. For two months she was on extreme diets with no carbs, no meats, no fruits–just veggies, tuna, chicken, which was the only thing she would eat, which she says was horrible.Angélica Vale

Vale became depressed because she was putting herself through these horrible diets and exercising without seeing any results. She even continued to use her maternity clothes since nothing else fit. She came to the point where she didn’t even want to go out with her husband because she didn’t like how her clothes fit.

After sharing her struggles with a friend, she told Vale to see an endocrinologist, which was a life-changing decision. “It wasn’t what I was eating, but a hormonal problem,” she tells People en Español. “They should tell all women that after having a child we should go see an endocrinologist because your hormones are totally off and mine were in bad shape.”