Romeo Santos Relationship With His Son Got Off To a Rocky Start…

Teen pregnancies are not as prevalent as they were 10 or 20 years ago, but in the Latino community we can name at least one person that became a parent when they were just teens. Those that became young parents often struggle if they don’t have the support of their parents, but there are many that are forced to grow up quickly. Romeo Santos can relate, since he became a parent when he was just 19 years old.

Celebrities are often very protective of their children and for Romeo it was no different. For many years people didn’t even know he had a child. His son came into the spotlight when he asked Romeo that he wanted to be on the cover of a magazine with the singer. “I wanted to show him that I was proud of him. I wanted my child to understand that I wasn’t hiding his existence. I was protecting him,” said Romeo to Billboard.

Romeo Santos

He admits that when he first found out of he was going to be a father, he fled because it wasn’t planned. “I felt that I was a child having a child and I stayed away during the first 2 years,” said Romeo to People en Español.