Eduardo Verástegui, Celibate for 14 Years & Counting…

Wearing white on your wedding signifies purity, and years back it was extremely important to be a virgin when you got married. Things have changed and now a days most people follow their hearts, not to mention that the vast majority is getting married later in life. Eduardo Verástegui took a vow 14 years ago to be celibate until he got married. A vow that the 41-year-old actor continues to uphold until he finds the one and takes her to the altar.

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Eduardo Verástegui

“The ideal woman for me will be the one I get married to,” said Eduardo Verástegui to Reforma newspaper. “What does she look like? I don’t know, I’m still waiting for her. I’m looking right, back, front, up, to see where she is.”

In 2002 he took a vow of abstinence after rediscovering his faith. “I’m always asking if that’s God’s will in my life, because you can’t force what’s not meant to be, and just get married to get married,” he said. “I’ve met women, but I haven’t been able to find that connection one needs to take the next step.”