Spring Into Shape By Working In Your Garden!

Everywhere you look there are flowers and trees blooming, it looks so beautiful, which is a reminder that your garden could use some work. If you’ve ever done gardening in the past, you know that gardening can make you break a sweat. In fact, if you spend more than hour gardening, chances are you’re burning off lots of calories and you might even get a pass at skipping the gym for that day.

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Depending on the activity you’re doing, you can benefit from three types of exercise: endurance, flexibility, and strength. On average you can burn between 400-800 calories an hour doing gardening. Plus, it’s fun and it’s an activity you can do to spend more time with your family. Just think about the muscles in your body that you move as you workout in the garden.GARDENING

Gardening Burns CaloriesDIGGING SOIL

Raking leaves: When you rake leaves you are extending your arms then bringing them close. Raking leaves can exercise your arms, shoulders and torso, making it a great upper body workout. Picking up leaves, you can strengthen your arms as you do with weights and even add some squats as you pick them up.

Digging holes: Digging holes and breaking through hard soil can be tough, but it can make you break a sweat as you’re pushing through the ground. It can really get your heart pumping as you pick up the soil and throw it to the other side.

Weeds: Pulling out weeds can be hard work, especially if you have dandelions or other pesky weeds with thick roots. It can help you work your arms as you pull and you can also work your legs as you bend down and pick them out.