Adamari Lopez Thinks Mean Comments Reflect People’s Moods

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other forms of social media have changed the way we see celebrities. Many of them even manage their own accounts and share photos, videos and let you inside their lives, something that wasn’t possible years ago. It’s a way of getting closer to their fans, but many times they become victims of bullying. People hide behind their cellphones or a computer screen and write mean hurtful things about people they don’t even know, based on headlines or some gossip they hear. Adamari Lopez has been a victim of bullying and she thinks it’s due to the type of mood they’re in.

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adamari lopez

We’ve watched the 44-year-old cancer survivor grow up on screen, since she started working in both Puerto Rican and Mexican Telenovelas at only 9 years old. We’ve seen her go through a high-profile public breakup with Luis Fonsi and even her struggle with breast cancer and not being able to conceive. In 2015 she gave birth to Alaïa, which is everything she ever wanted and the proud mom even created an Instagram account for her daughter. She’s always been very open about her life, something that many celebrities don’t do because of course it comes with a price.